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Division Amateur Open
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The guys you love to play with. Sportsmanship is everything. We play Smashball, and that means whatever the devs decide to change in the game, that is how the game is played, and we will like it, and we will play it well. The devs are our best friends. If you have a tendency to rage over core parts of the game, or refuse to conform to the required skill level, you are not welcome with us. We play for the fun of it, not the drama!


We're looking for some players with good attitudes to help us rebuild. Join S3, and relive the legacy! Revive the greatest HL2 mod ever with us!

Team Roster


5cf9d7a733dde1c10b3a3b5aa29786610cf5231f_full Sykes L6


4a1ff47760d675c08c19cce68bad2398fd81e01e_full Six L6


9bba440ca9be56962d22d2bf89b55d6a28fc68b7_full Bishop L1
Fef49e7fa7e1997310d705b2a6158ff8dc1cdfeb_full Funkmaster Rick L1
7b8fe72cedc8dbd0f0ac1d08bcdd791c2917fdfa_full OSVG L8


E2f4a6c984fd87cb637e3434ba8d1a97ef3668fe_full =(e)=NobleWulf L1


F7900d115c3ab08fa534ffa51da28e818ccec7df_full Kriller L1
9f29b000ad79464fe9efa419b5aed21725c8b561_full L1
A68f139bff5241e95fec6f022871de1a86f7f393_full RDA SNAPSHOT L1
6875df0c2f21655ade203678e736817dcb95cc08_full FriskyMonk97 L1
24876f054b2a50cb3d5e7b338cc6a1105d7400a9_full WoxandWarf L1


Ad439060bc94bf06e901eea757cf0901416f02bb_full DoomyDoom L16
4ed0fb8179dd739992bc213e6b53db7765e20cea_full Kaden L1
7ddc88239859fe525f9eb32ef99054af2a81bf71_full CSE | Nibbler L2


Coming Soon! Teams will be able to hire specialists, like lawyers, medics, hackers, and engineers, to help in league matches!

Recent Matches

3 total matches.

Tiny_untitled-1 s3 10 Tiny_idlogo1 ID 0
Tiny_untitled-1 s3 31 Tiny_idlogo1 ID 6
Tiny_untitled-1 s3 0 Tiny_idlogo1 ID 53

Team MVP

9324 XP


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