[DA] Daedric Assassins

State Team is active.
Team is recruiting.
Division Amateur Open
Season Record 0:0

Hey haters

We are a competitive team who is growing fast. We look to win and have fun, as a team. Owner/founder=Windag3 Leaders= Teh Dictator, Ferratus


If interested contact Windag3,or any of the two leaders.

Team Roster


F612fb7e2bb7eda44564ce1ab688d909ff395f32_full XxWindag3 L7


45deff61cbf748fda6f026a00b23989ccea3dc6d_full Teh Dictator L12
B6bcd7021662b9de61f41874e657807bc98e13b0_full ferratus L14


94a4d28a586e3813c9c1048e62edeef35eec72e7_full Rooster L8
85e35fff538cb091922f18d81fff6bc94a05399b_full [EG] + Kirby + L15


D931671a7cfd8f250cbe93bd6b4f9ce063fc8649_full mivoka L1
Fef49e7fa7e1997310d705b2a6158ff8dc1cdfeb_full Funkmaster Rick L1
4ea1d067c9bea520e6594a22697ff362c4e9c34c_full -=WH=-Buschmaki L1
473f588670068d7e6bdd6155f904e8128237c76c_full mercury_hg80 L1
86aee9dae8a7bddca4bc11d877c24b0a14ea88d6_full alphaq23 L1


Coming Soon! Teams will be able to hire specialists, like lawyers, medics, hackers, and engineers, to help in league matches!

Current Season Stats

Offensive Stats

Minutes Played 223:16  
Possession 9:08 4%
Passing 72/91 79%
Assists 8  
Points 43  
Shots 5/8 62%
Runs 4/12 33%

Defensive Stats

Points Stopped 144/320 45%
Shots Stopped 13/25 52%
Runs Stopped 15/35 43%
Fumbles Caused 100  
KO Caused 271  
Deaths Caused 14  

Recent Matches

2 total matches.

Tiny_daedricassassins-1 DA 30 Tiny_idlogo1 ID 133
Tiny_daedricassassins-1 DA 13 Tiny_idlogo1 ID 43

Team MVP

13325 XP


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