[KiD] Cleveland Kudi's

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Don't Trust a hoe...To take the shot.

Welcome to the Cleveland Kudi's page. I'm a relatively new player looking for new players just like me, and I hope to make the Hellstorms at least a minute competitor for the goal this season.


If your new, and you want to play, your our man.

Team Roster


F2ef576427b675354545fe9c9ebe7c1401b0cf82_full BIRDNOTICE L1


25ce866de54155a940cdd188ff45b0a9dd6903bc_full Incendiary Penguin L1
0c39a2279edbe13f82537b1768383d98461c6836_full Nipas L1


Ad439060bc94bf06e901eea757cf0901416f02bb_full DoomyDoom L16


Coming Soon! Teams will be able to hire specialists, like lawyers, medics, hackers, and engineers, to help in league matches!

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