[IDf] Iskandar Dragonflies

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21c683bdc79aec398fedf194458f77a8dc4bc704_full Wreck L13
  • There can only be one owner for a team.
  • The Owner has complete control over the roster.


N/A -ID- 5arge
Aug 27 '09
Level 10
  • Managers can promote and demote any other role on the team.
  • They can only be promoted or demoted by the Owner.


  • COMING SOON: Coaches can organize and schedule matches with other teams.


N/A ferratus
Aug 29 '09
Level 14
  • COMING SOON: Captains have administrator rights on team or match servers.


  • COMING SOON: Members can join closed match servers.


N/A -IDF-*Auto Master*
Aug 28 '09
Level 8
N/A Sexual Harrassment P
Sep 03 '09
Level 8
N/A Evangelical
Sep 29 '09
Level 9
  • COMING SOON: Reservists are allowed into private team servers.


N/A British.Spy
Aug 28 '09
Level 6
N/A -IDf- The Comedian
Aug 29 '09
Level 1
N/A >FoG<|FireStorm52
Sep 30 '09
Level 1
  • These players have been invited by management to join the team.
  • Once they accept, they are promoted to Reserve.


N/A |HGN BG|Shankapotamo
Sep 07 '09
Level 1
N/A Pfc. J. Scout [2nd R
Nov 14 '09
Level 1
N/A Funkmaster Rick
Jan 31 '10
Level 1
  • These players have applied to join the team.
  • They can be promoted by management to Reserve.

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