=DC= ninjai

Level 1: Utter Noob

Lifetime XP 11,678
188,322 until next level.
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State Active
First Connect Jun 29 '09

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This player does not own any teams.

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Tiny_infinity logo new test Applicant Earth's Infinity

Skills Trained

Coming Soon! Players will be able to train special skills to use in-game!

Recent Matches

11 total matches.

Tiny_1original_redrocket REDR 0 Tiny_2original_blueballers BLUB 6
Tiny_1original_redrocket REDR 60 Tiny_2original_blueballers BLUB 46
Tiny_1original_redrocket REDR 16 Tiny_2original_blueballers BLUB 22
Tiny_1original_redrocket REDR 49 Tiny_2original_blueballers BLUB 12

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